Completely free domain? without hosting?

I have a website made, but i hate the way it’s a subdomain and i want it to be a domain. whenever i look on google, all i can find are websites with free domains, and expensive hosting, but i don’t need hosting. if you know where to get a free DOMAIN NAME ONLY please let me know

Cruiser Asked on April 30, 2015 in Computers & Internet.
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There are ways to get a free domain, but they come with risks.

1. With most of these, you’re going to have to provide your personal information, which you have to do ANYWAY when registering a domain, but since most of the people who ask “Where can I get a free domain?” are teenagers, they are afraid to provide their personal information.

2. You’re risking the possibility that you can’t renew your domain for whatever reason once it’s about to expire. (A year.)

3. To go with the last one, you will be in a standstill if you can’t renew your domain, but you can’t pay for it to be renewed.

4. Most of the ways to get a free domains, it’s better if you’re over the age of 18, because eh, there’s just no company that’s going to risk spending millions of dollars to provide free domains to teenagers who know little to nothing about web design. However, it is a lot less riskier if the target audience is adults.

With all of this said, I know what you’re thinking. “Ok, tell me the ways, and I’ll just pretend to be an adult!”

This is not going to work, because like I said you’re going to have to provide your personal information, and in some cases, credit card information to verify your age.

Ok, now. let’s move on to the ways you can get a free domain. Pretty much all of these are temporary, shady, and like I said, NOT for teenagers/kids/etc.

1. OfficeLive- A trial offer provided by Microsoft as a promotion for the product OfficeLive. This is geared towards small business owners, so yes, you would have to provide your credit card information to verify your age. Like I said, it’s a trial offer, so it’s only for a year, and this doesn’t really concern you, but the hosting is pretty bad from what I heard.

2. Domain Lagoon. I have heard excellent things about this site. It’s a site where you have to complete offers in order to get a free domain, and in some cases, multiple domain names if you’re dedicated enough. I’ve heard many people said that it was easy to get multiple domains during a short period of time, and they had no problems renewing them. There is a catch though. You would have to provide your personal information, which again, you have to do ANYWAY if you want to register a domain, but what’s even riskier about this is that in order to verify your account, you have to do it by phone.

3. Forums where you get points by posting in order to get a free domain. This will probably be your best bet if you’re a teenager. However, it’s tedious. That, and there’s a possibility that after a year, *poof* your domain will be gone because you can’t renew it.

I would reccommend the following:

Deal with being in a subdomain until you can buy a domain on your own.

If you are impatient, and want a domain NOW, then the solution is quite simple, Find another hobby. Web design takes a lot of patience, and if you are impatient, your skills won’t improve and your work will suffer.

Fastdraw Answered on September 2, 2015.
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You will get a domain for free, but I don’t it will solve your hosting requirements because no one gives you free hosting without benefits means if you get a free domain and hosting then the company will put lots of ads on your website and you will not rely on them for the security of your website.

GreenCore Answered on September 2, 2015.
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They have a list of almost all free domain hosting companies there. You should find what you are looking for…

good luck!

Use the search box in case the information you need are not displayed right away.

BornConfused Answered on September 2, 2015.
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I registered a free .com domain name for my darts team a few months back, if you get a basic hosting package I think most of the established sites will or at least should give you a free domain name when you click on the hosting. I used Boogie as the livechat were pretty good at talking me through getting the pages up, not very tech savvy and needed the support.

Short_Circuit Answered on September 2, 2015.
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