Doesn’t evolution prove that God doesn’t exist?

Since man evolved into intelligent beings then obviously god(s) were apart of the imagination and evolutionary process.


SecretAgent Asked on April 12, 2015 in Society & Culture.
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“Doesn’t evolution prove that God doesn’t exist?”

Obviously the religious implications of evolution are strong because in Idiot America and the Muslim theocracies there are millions of evolution deniers and always it’s for religious reasons.

Did Darwin kill God? Yes and I will explain why. We now know a magic god fairy’s magic wand had absolutely nothing to do with the development of new species. If the fairy was not necessary for something this complex then it’s ridiculous to pretend its magical powers were necessary for anything else. Therefore evolution totally kills the moronic Magic Man fantasy.

Of course even without the science we know magical beings are not real. We know this because magic is not real. Any unbrainwashed child could figure this out.

One more thing – From another comment: “Proof of an intelligent designer is everywhere but there is no proof of evolution.”

Imagine the brain damage required to write something this idiotic. This is what religion does to people. It makes them become uneducated morons.

Also notice the code words “intelligent designer” as if calling magic “design” makes it less childish. The stupid, the burning out of control stupid.

Hyper_Me Answered on August 20, 2015.
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No. It is impossible to prove something doesn’t exist. Proof requires evidence and something that doesn’t exist can’t (obviously) leave evidence. However, evidence can directly contravene what was thought to exist. For example, it was once thought the Universe, this world and everything in it was made in 7 days by a supernatural being. Evidence shows that it didn’t happen this way and all evidence of the supernatural being is absent without evidence to explain that absence.

Toxic Answered on August 20, 2015.
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