Haw do I delete Norton virus protection and reinstall it?

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start/control panel/add or remove programs …

WildBorn Answered on June 29, 2015.
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http://www.pchell.com/virus/uninstallnor… The link above will give your removal instructions as well as a free tool to do it for you. Then just go and download and install it again.

Flyswat Answered on June 29, 2015.
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START CONTROL PANEL ADD/REMOVE Program Click REMMOVE program this will completely remove all, after you remove it, then run your software again and follow directions. Its simple and easy.. Good Luck.

Jellybeans Answered on June 29, 2015.
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go to start control pannel then add or remove programs and remove norton virus then it will remove it and then reinstall it from the disk or from there website hope i helped you

Teen_Touch Answered on June 27, 2015.
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