I need a new computer?

I’ve always had an HP computer. This last one I have now has given me so many problems. What kind do you all have and how reliable are they? I don’t need one for anything special. I just want one that won’t freeze constantly and one that I don’t have to restart a million times a day. Thanks.

Screwtape Asked on June 25, 2015 in Computers & Internet.
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You didn’t give us much information about the current computer so that we could give suggestions about possibly cleaning the hard drive up and doing some things to speed it up. You didn’t indicate what operating system is installed, what the computer does that forces a restart many times daily, what type of maintenance you perform for cleaning the hard drive AND cleaning the dust from inside the computer that can make it run hot and slow down. What anti virus software is installed? Do you have Malwarebytes installed? Do you use CCleaner to get rid of junk files? Do you update Windows regularly? Do you defragment the hard drive weekly? Do you delete your browsers history daily? All these things are pertinent to keeping your computer running fast. I’m on my HP Pavilion that’s about 9 years old now. It came with Windows XP, I upgraded to Vista, and now have Windows 7 running and I’m waiting a while longer before I upgrade to Windows 10. I have a three year old HP laptop that still runs great because I perform the same maintenance on it as the HP desktop. I suggest you do a search on maintaining your computer’s hard drive as well as regular “cleaning” maintenance to get rid of the dust that can cause internal heat problems and slow your computer down. I’ve mentioned the steps you should do, but without knowing your operating system installed, particulars are just guesses. You could also spend some money to have a computer repair shop go over your computer, but you can perform all these things I mentioned yourself so you know how to keep your computer running fast and not need to reboot constantly. You probably have a friend or two that’s a computer “geek”, and would love to come in and help you make your computer like new again. Any computer will inherently become slower over time if routine hard drive and internal
( dust cleaning ) maintenance isn’t performed.

Roadblock Answered on August 13, 2015.
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HP made me angry by ‘going after’ Compaq. My first laptop was Acer, then an IBM Thinkpad (rebuilt,
cheap from an ‘auction’ website). That one broke — not software or electronics, the power socket broke
loose. Then Compaqs until HP bought them. Recently the video card in my last Acer failed so this is
on a Dell. Only there’s a ‘Battery” indicator flickering; it’s going to need a replacement and Dell no
longer sells one for this model.

I’ll most likely go back to Acer.

Hyper_Me Answered on August 13, 2015.
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I rarely trust any of the major PC manufacturers, I’ve had bad experience with HP/Compaq laptops. I had an HP Compaq Presario and it was the slowest computer I had ever used. My Aunn’ts laptop, an HP G56 laptop is even slower. It takes more than a minuet to boot to the desktop, not to mention the time to start Mozilla Firefox. HP load up a lot of junk with their PC’s “bloatware” which drains storage, battery and performance. If you’re willing to spend a little time and money on building your own desktop PC, that would be the best long term solution. You can choose which parts to use, what it will look like, when to upgrade it and have it with no installed “bloatware”. Trust me, I built my own PC and I never regret it. It is one of the best descions I have ever mad
Another solution would be to reinstall Windows, although your PC may still run slow. Or have a PC shop fit your laptop with an SSD if it doesn’t have one; everything will be quicker

Cookie Answered on August 13, 2015.
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Part of the problem of buying a desktop from places like BestBuy is they load 30+ ‘demo’ utilities & samples that eat away your processing power, memory, etc.

To add insult to injury – they try to charge you $100 for all this factory-installed software like some off-brand virus scanner, demos of office suites, etc. These also may include HotCandy and other ‘marketing’ malware crap.

The goal is to get a desktop with the fresh OS – nothing extra.


Consider a Chromebook. This is a $300 laptop that is silent, but becomes your favorite PC to surf, email, facebook etc. I bought an ASUS model for my daughter and she loves it. She rarely boots her more powerful desktop because 95% of everything she does is on-line. (Gmail includes a lot of office software).

Order a PC from iBuyPower or CyberPower. These places have pre-canned builds but they basically install the OS, the latest motherboard & video card drivers and …. nothing else.

You can customize with a SSD boot drive, a basic or gamer-quality video card, 3 or more hard drives if you want. I am actually using a CyberPower desktop to type this.

Check out the custom sites. Not a lot more than buying off the shelf, but you start out with a much cleaner, simpler PC.

e4envy Answered on August 13, 2015.
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