Suicidal can’t stop the pain?

I just feel alone and sad. I feel like my husband hates me, because it’s been hard for me to become pregnant. I have PCOS and who knows maybe it’s just my hormones. But I feel alone. When I was 15,17 & 18 I tried take my own life. But my parents got me help. I just feel like my brain is wired to be sad and only sad. It is a very intense and painful feeling. What can I do? Maybe I’m just too emotional. I just don’t feel normal. I’ve been on so many different kinds on anti depressants. But non of them are helping or they only help for a short while. They had thought I was bipolar but they were back and fourth on that. So have you felt this way? What to do? Thanks. I don’t wanna feel this way.

Divine Asked on February 5, 2015 in Health.
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I’ve been there myself, and I also have PCOS, I’m 24. If you have a best friend, or sibling you’re really close to, text or call them and say you need them. You don’t even have to say why right away. I’ve done that and my best friend was there with me. You need someone to talk to, to work through your feelings. Find something you enjoy doing; painting, photography, anything that can help you feel better. I was at the point before where they had me on so many meds I couldn’t think straight… I had to detox and get it all out of my system to tell how I really felt. An antidepressant made me suicidal. Meds can do that… be careful. I wish there was a way we could talk. You’ll get through this, I promise. Just don’t give up

Sandstorm Answered on August 18, 2015.
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Hello, I’ve been there and we’ll I guess I’m still there so I guess I’m not much help but listening to upbeat music or music that sings the words I can’t say makes me feel better sometimes. I know what it’s like though I don’t take anti depressants I’ve come to the point where I’m stable. But you should just know that there is so many great things in this world that need to be explored and done you should do them, try going out with people, listen to music as loud as you want to, write, sing, take up exercising and travel I understand what it’s like to feel stuck in that state of mind but it’s not good to hold feelings in. You like many others have a life to live and it gets tough sometimes but it gets better I’m only thirteen and I’ve gone through a lot though I guess I’m not the right person to be giving advice but you seem like a nice person who can do great things in life just remember to smile even when you feel down and talk to to someone maybe try therapy.

e4envy Answered on August 18, 2015.
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Well if you can’t do invetro, you can always adopt. A friend of mine did and loved it. As for your mental health….I was put away 2 yrs ago due to depression/suicidal/paranoia….I’ll cut to the short…My discharge said to go for walks, start a routine, and eat healthy….So I have been medicine and hospital free for almost 2 years now with no paranoia or depression. What I did was hat they said, I started a routine. I take 3 walks a day 1.5 miles each, exactly the same time each day, on the same route. My only snack is plain almonds, My meals are garden veggies with a very small piece of meat or fish. I stay busy here, outside in the yard, and cleaning. I joined a neighborhood church which was a good way to meet people and do stuff….and I stop and talk to neighbors…it works out terrific ….make you’re own routine, it take the thinking burden off of your brain and lifts the anxiety….you always know how stuff will turn out, you actually look forward to it …good luck
Here’s a good depression/routine site

CastBound Answered on August 18, 2015.
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