What are the 1st signs of breast cancer ? ?

please only answer if you know i dont want any guesses or estimates. only if you are 100 % sure and please leave a link for your website if you have one . thanks

MindProbe Asked on May 29, 2015 in Health.
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The FIRST signs are detectable only on mammogram or MRI.

The next signs are those that are well known and well publicized, at ACS, Breastcancer.org, Komen, NCI, Mayo clinic, web MD, and a host of other web sites.

CastBound Answered on September 3, 2015.
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Early breast cancer often has no signs or symptoms at all, so there are not really any ‘first signs’.

The signs and symptoms of possible breast cancer are:

change in size – one breast may have become noticeably larger or lower

nipple change – if it becomes inverted (pulled in) or changes its position or shape

rash – on or around the nipple

discharge – from one or both nipples

puckering or dimpling – around nipple

swelling – in your armpit or around your collarbone (from lymph nodes)

lump or thickening – that feels different from the rest of the breast tissue – BUT remember that most breast lumps are not cancerous

constant pain – in one part of your breast or in your armpit.

You can find confirmation of this information on any website concerned with breast cancer: breastcancer.org, Breast Cancer Care, Breakthrough Breast Cancer etc.

You do need to know one thing though; I see from your Q&A that you’re a teenager. Breast cancer is almost unheard of in under 25s; it’s mainly a disease of ageing – 80% of those diagnosed are over 50, only around 5% are under 40 and 0.1% under 30.

The American Cancer Society and other cancer organisations recommend that women start breast self examination at the age of 20

Divine Answered on September 3, 2015.
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