What is domain & web hosting?


Explain me in simple language what is domain & web hosting. I don’t know their meaning. & if possible explain me in words & don’t post a links.

Thanks in advance

e4envy Asked on May 28, 2015 in Computers & Internet.
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domain :-
for knowing what is domain let’s take an example such as:-
the above thing as a whole is known as “url”-uniform resource locator.

“www”-world wide web
“google”-this is the domain name.Actually it is a long string of numbers and dots.it is also called the internet protocol (ip).Actually, the ip is the identification number of the server one is trying to access.it is usually a big number ,something like - or so.
since we may have trouble remembering all those numbers ,the domain name was created.it acts as a substitute for the ip address or numbers.if you want to.you could type a site’s ip number,but it is much easier to use the domain name and let the server translate it for you.

web hosting:-
suppose you want to make your website on the internet.
then you just can’t select a name for your website and start making a website.for this you will have to first make your domain registration and pay some amount for it.for this you will need a web hosting for this ,and this is provided by many companies ,they do all the things for you such as domain registration and making your website etc.
however now a days there are many free web hosting sites available which let you make your site for free but they have their terms and some restrictions…..

hope you got your answer.

BornConfused Answered on September 2, 2015.
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For taking web hosting service for your website you need to purchase a domain which gives a unique identity to your website, simply domain is nothing but URL which we type in the address bar of the browser. Web hosting means making our website live or active on WWW by leasing or selling web space on servers.

SecretAgent Answered on September 2, 2015.
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ok, a domain is the address you type in your address bar (ex. www.yahoo.com) so if you purchase a domain name, then you can make a website and have it hosted on that domain.

web hosting is when you upload a file on the web so others can download it.

Thrasher Answered on September 2, 2015.
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A dynamic web site is one which is designed to have regularly changing content every time a user visits or reloads the site. In technical terms, a dynamic and static with responsive website.

Cookie Answered on September 2, 2015.
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