What is white people’s culture?

Black and Latino people have rap, hip hop, jazz and rock as well as many cultural foods. Native Americans have a culture with their various traditions, Asians have cultural things they wear and practice. But why is it that whites do not have culture? Do they have anything?


Roadblock Asked on June 21, 2015 in Society & Culture.
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Spanish got taken away by mixed racial Latin americaans, so Spanish doesn’t count anymore. In fact, in this country, all I hear is, Spanish is different than white people. So Spanish doesn’t count. Portuguese doesn’t count either, most people think of Brazilians and being brown skin mixed racial Latinos when they think of Portuguese. Many think it’s from Latino spanish from Latin america so portuguese doesn’t count anymore.

I guess british, swedish, french, italian, southern american, and more cultures count but most white americans are a big pot of mix european nationalities, for example the italian americans forgot all about their cultures. It’s not like how latin americans stick to their cultures and praised them and speak spanish or portuguese. White people don’t do that in america and they are refer to as gringos by us Latin americans. However, the white man created most of the things in this world but not everything, not even close.

Toxic Answered on August 20, 2015.
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You do understand white doesn’t mean Nordic right? I’m asking because a lot of Latino foods are based on ideas the European Latins brought to the Americas.

But over all you’re question is typical of self centric person. You only look at modern history and forget ignore everything else … maybe next time considered everything that’s considered classical. You know … Sculpture, Painting, Music, Poetry, Architecture etc.

CastBound Answered on August 20, 2015.
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There isn’t just one as there isn’t just one “black” or “Latino” culture. A white middle-aged college professor in Boston has a different culture than a white Millennial high tech worker in Seattle or a white working class person in the deep south or a white nightclub owner in Miami, etc. Likewise “black” and “Latino” cultures vary greatly too. Cubans, for instance, have very little in common culturally with Guatemalans, etc.

Hyper_Me Answered on August 20, 2015.
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Most Asians don’t even practice their culture in America, they even have white people names here, Tommy lee, Katherine Chang, Samantha Chu, also to answer your question, you’re right, white people never had a culture in history, no religion or tradition originated from Europe, because they lack empathy, spirit, and feelings, the Romans said that the humans in northern Europe were barbarians before Christianity from the Middle East civilized the Germanic tribes, which is what whites are descendants of in America and in colonial killed areas.

DogBone Answered on August 20, 2015.
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