Why do so many Athiests attempt to justify abortion?

What do the unbelievers find acceptable about baby murder?

Cookie Asked on February 13, 2015 in Health.
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First, it’s not just us atheists. Religious beliefs do not play a part in the support of abortion. Atheism is the belief in no deities. Abortion is not talked about in that definition, so lets make that very clear. Second, there are many reason a woman might need an abortion. For example. health issues for the mother or the child, rape, etc. Also, if there isn’t a reason for the abortion other than that woman does not want, or isn’t ready to be a mother, then she should have every right to have an abortion without being harassed at the clinic.Yes, HARASSED. Women who go to have an abortion done are harassed by nurses by being shown ultrasounds and are given estimated due dates along with the sex of the child and a big, old “CONGRATULATIONS” to make her feel guilty of a crime she didn’t commit. She is literally doing what is best for the unborn child. Without the abortion, the unborn child will eventually be born into a home where they are unwanted, or cannot be cared for as the family isn’t financially stable enough to support it. “She should’ve kept her legs shut then if she didn’t want the kid” some might say. Well, that is absolutely none of your ******* business whether or not she has sex, and with whom. She may sleep with however many people she wants. That is not a crime, unless she’s doing it for money, but even then, she may do as she pleases, because it is her body and nobody else’s. So keep your ******* shitty ***, dehumanizing opinions to your damn self. Thank you.

Short_Circuit Answered on September 2, 2015.
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I heard this story once that I think happened in Mexico (I don’t remember which country but I think that’s the one)

So basically, this nine year old girl got raped by someone in her family. She actually got pregnant because of it, and she couldn’t give birth to the baby or else she would die. She wasn’t able to get an abortion, so when she gave birth to the baby she had a C section. And now she has to raise the baby.

Can we just talk about that for a second? That is fucked up. The fact she has to raise an incest rape baby, and she probably has scars now. This whole thing just pisses me off. SHE IS A NINE YEAR OLD CHILD, NO NINE YEAR OLD SHOULD GO THROUGH ANY OF THAT ****.

I think it’s absolutely disgusting when white inbred Southern pieces of republican snake **** try to justify THAT. That is NOT okay.

However, I DO NOT SUPPORT ABORTION IF IT’S LATER THAN THREE MONTHS. It’s just too late then, unless it’s a case like that ABORT ABORT ABORT

CastBound Answered on September 2, 2015.
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Consider this, if a girl or woman is raped and falls pregnant, should she have to carry the chld that is a reminder of that.
Second – f the woman’s health or the health of the baby is a major risk, what would the outcome be for either of them.
Not an Athiest nor a great supporter of abortion but believe in these cases it is justified at an early stage of pregnancy.

Teen_Touch Answered on September 2, 2015.
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Not an atheist, per se, but have no problem with abortion. Far better to get rid of a few cells than bring an unwanted unloved child into an already tough-enough world. I learned this from my mom who worked in an office near some low-income housing and saw kids being hit, cursed at, and treated worse than junkyard dogs. I am pro choice all the way. And when some of those Fat Conservative men get pregnant, they too will change their tunes. It is actually a rich vs. poor issue. The rich girls will always have family who can send them overseas to get an abortion, any time, any place. The poor often have to make do, however they can.

CastBound Answered on September 2, 2015.
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Early term abortion is not ‘baby murder’. The fetus is not developed enough to survive without the mother, so is only a parasite at this point. No atheists I know support late term abortion unless there is risk to the mother that can’t be dealt with any other way. If a girl is raped, would you rather she have the baby because she ‘has to’ and she doesn’t take care of herself during pregnancy so the baby is born deformed or underdeveloped mentally because of this? This baby would probably never be adopted, what kind of ‘life’ is that?

Jellybeans Answered on September 2, 2015.
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Abortions will eventually become compulsory by law,and the parent will have no say in the matter at all,to many selfish people will give birth to a badly disabled child who has only a limited time to live but in a 24/7 constant pain,in future all abnormal faetus will be aborted buy law,an so they should,and the sooner the better ok.

Scarface Answered on September 2, 2015.
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